Chevrolet & Major League Baseball Continue Partnership

Chevrolet & Major League Baseball Partnership

Since 2005, Chevrolet has been a major sponsor for Major League Baseball. Now, Chevrolet & Major League Baseball (MLB) are continuing their partnership as Chevrolet will once again be the Official Vehicle Partner and also becomes the Official Automotive Sponsor for MLB.

In addition, Chevrolet will be supporting the USA Baseball’s Play Ball initiative. This program, which is entering its second season, encourages participation in baseball and softball programs aimed at kids of all ages.

“Providing young people with more access and opportunities to play baseball is an important priority for us,” said Noah Garden, MLB Executive Vice President, Business, in a statement. “Chevy’s commitment to youth baseball aligns perfectly with the goals of Play Ball. This renewal displays an ever-increasing commitment to our partnership and to youth baseball players all over the country.”

The Play Ball program goes hand in hand with Chevy’s own Chevy Youth Baseball program, which it started in 2006. Participating youth baseball programs get equipment, sponsorship checks, fundraising opportunities, and unique Major and Minor League Baseball experiences and clinics. Over the past 10 years, Chevrolet & Major League Baseball have donated more than 90,000 equipment kits, renovated 9,400 parks, and helped more than 5.2 million kids enjoy baseball.

Are you a baseball fan? Which MLB team is your favorite?

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Car-Themed Father’s Day Gifts

Car-Themed Father's Day gifts

In just a few weeks, it will be Dad’s turn to enjoy some well-earned appreciation. Father’s Day falls on Sunday, June 19th this year. If you haven’t planned a gift for dear old Dad yet, here are some great car-themed Father’s Day gifts any gearhead will love.

Car-Themed Father’s Day Gift Ideas

  • BlipShift Gear. For some truly unique car-themed apparel, visit BlipShift. This site features a unique automotive design every day that you can get on a t-shirt, poster, tie, etc. It will make getting a tie for Father’s Day cool again.
  • Recaro Office Chair. If your dad has to suffer through a day job sitting at a desk, make his job even more exciting with a Recaro office chair. Not only will he feel like he’s sitting in a race car all day, but his back will be thanking you, too.
  • Franklin Mint Die Cast Car. Get your dad the car of his dreams—in miniature form. Most of us can’t afford a classic car, but we can all make some room in our budget for a scale model of one.
  • Gift Card. If your dad is always saving up to buy the next part for racing machine, help him get a step closer with a gift card to his favorite parts store. Or you could even buy the part for him.

Are you planning any car-themed Father’s Day gifts for your dad? Let us know in the comments!

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Road Trip Safety Tips

Road Trip Safety Tips

Road trip safety is a big deal whether you’re driving cross-country with your buddies all summer or driving your family a few hours to your favorite vacation spot. Being prepared and following these tips is the best way to keep your road trip from turning into a bust.

Road Trip Safety Tips for Your Car

Before you leave, have your car inspected and stock it up with emergency items like a spare tire, tools, and a first aid kit. Make sure you have plenty of non-perishable snacks like granola bars along with water and a change of clothes. Since it’s summer, it’s a good idea to pack something that will cool you off, like a battery-powered fan.

Road Trip Safety Tips for Yourself

Try not to take long trips alone unless you have to, and make your companions take a few legs of the drive. Being well-rested is essential on long drives, so get a good night sleep the night before and take breaks every few hours.

Drive cautiously, and do what you can to avoid heavy traffic areas during busy times. Not only is this a more dangerous time to drive, but it will frustrate you and add time to your trip!

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