Driving Alongside Bicyclists This Spring

Be careful when driving alongside bicyclists

Warmer weather means that there will be more pedestrians, more animals, and more bicyclists on the road. Sharing the road with bikes can be dangerous, especially if you do not know how to handle the situation. Driving alongside bicyclists is easy, as long as you take the necessary precautions.

Be Careful When Driving Alongside Bicyclists

According to Edmunds, one of the biggest dangers is that drivers often fail to understand a bike rider’s vulnerability. For example, a bike tends to be four thousand pounds lighter than the average car in the US. Plus, our brains often fail to recognize that bikes are smaller than cars; this can lead to driver’s cutting off bicyclists that they don’t see, or it can cause them to tailgate closer than intended. Always leave a little extra room for bikes.

Turning right is also dangerous when there are bikes on the road. An added blind spot you will have is behind you and to the right. If a bike decides to go straight as you turn right, a collision could occur. Always check this blind spot when turning.

Finally, many drivers need to adjust their attitudes towards bicyclists. As long as riders are over the age of 10, they are considered vehicles. That means they have to ride on the road, and they must obey traffic laws. Treat bikes as equals on the road, and be sure to have patience.

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The New 2017 Sonic Design is Sleeker and Sportier than Ever Before

2017 Sonic Design

The new Chevrolet Sonic has been revealed, driving auto enthusiasts everywhere wild. This new eco-friendly model comes with a sleek compact design, fuel-efficient powertrain, and the latest technologies. The 2017 Sonic design is bound to put a smile on any driver’s face.

2017 Sonic Design Features

According to Chevy, the 2017 Chevrolet Sonic will come with updated styling, including a more athletic exterior and added details. A new hood, new front fascia, projector-beam headlights, available LED Daytime Running Lights, and available 17-inch aluminum wheel designs are just the tip of the iceberg. New exterior colors also include Orange Burst Metallic, Brimstone, Cajun Red Tintcoat, and Artic Blue Metallic.

“The new styling and features of the 2017 Sonic reinforce its position as a fun, efficient small car with leading technology—all at an affordable price,” said Steve Majoros, director of marketing for Chevrolet cars and crossovers. “This is an important segment for Chevrolet, as we really have an opportunity to introduce ourselves to new buyers and show them what we’re all about.”

Other new features will include Keyless Open and Start, available heated cloth seating, a heated steering wheel, RS trim and logos, and more. A 7-inch diagonal infotainment system, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and 4G LTE are also great for those that love the latest tech features.

2017 Sonic Design Apple Car Play
2017 New Sonic Design Apple Car Play
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