What We Know About the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado

Though it hasn’t been released at dealerships just yet, a lot of information is known about the 2019 Chevrolet Silverado, which starts the exciting next generation of this popular pickup. The new Silverado will be available late this year, but until then here are some things to get you excited for that upcoming release!


First-drive reviews have been positive so far, citing the Silverado’s more refined handling, new technology, and the quiet cabin. The Silverado features a 2.7-liter turbocharged engine with tons of power, as well as a dynamic fuel management system that pairs perfectly with the V8 engine options.


The new Silverado will feature six engine options, from value-oriented 4-cylinders and diesel options to two different V8 varieties that provide incredible towing and hauling power. With the Dynamic Fuel Management System mentioned above, the Silverado cuts power to extra cylinders when it doesn’t need them.

More space

The 2019 Silverado is both lighter and longer than the previous generation, growing as much as 3.9 inches and continuing to drop weight thanks to its smarter design and lightweight materials. This gives the backseat an extra three inches of legroom and adds seven inches of width to the bed. Plus, the available power tailgate lets you open and close it with your key fob or from inside the cabin.

Here at Amesbury Chevrolet, we can hardly contain our enthusiasm for the release of this highly-anticipated pickup truck.

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Amesbury Days Celebration

Amesbury Days Fireworks

Amesbury, Massachusetts, is a city that is proud of is long and established history. However, Amesbury becomes even more passionate about its history around the Fourth of July. Independence Day is not only a big deal for the people of Amesbury, but the New England area as a whole. In fact, the Fourth of July marks a celebration in Amesbury known as Amesbury Days.

Amesbury Days is an extended festival celebrating the history of the city of Amesbury. 2016 marks the 117th anniversary of this beloved event. This year, Amesbury Days kicked off on June 23 and will appropriately commence on July 4.

A block party on June 23 marked the kickoff event of Amesbury Days, where community members in the Amesbury area gathered to celebrate the town we all call home. On June 25, Amesbury celebrated the citywide favorite fruit during the Strawberry Festival. One of our favorite events, the car show, took place the next day on June 26.

However, the real showstopper of the festival is the magnificent fireworks display. This year, the fireworks show will take place on Sunday, July 3. The show will also be accompanied by music.

Show your support and passion for the city of Amesbury by participating in this year’s Amesbury Days! What’s your favorite part?

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