Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day in Amesbury, MA

Ways to Celebrate Valentine's Day | Amesbury, MA

Whether you prefer a low-key outing or a more elegant one, Amesbury has some fun ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day. Here are just a few ideas to inspire your own holiday festivities.

A budget-friendly dinner

Childcare can be expensive, so consider getting the grandparents to watch the kids. You can write love letters that serve as reminders of what you love most about each other. Or you can cook up a quiet dinner at home and pair it with a bottle of wine and chocolate-covered strawberries for dessert.

Do something unexpected

Flowers and chocolates are all the rage, but do something this year you know that your partner will appreciate. Do the laundry if you don’t typically do so. Fold and put the clothes or towels away, too. And if your beloved enjoys having a clean car but lacks the time to tidy it up, have their vehicle detailed for that extra sparkle.

You can even surprise them with movie tickets, make their favorite cocktail, or finish that home renovation project that has been on the backburner for months.

Put on the ritz

Choose champagne and oysters for an upscale feast, or book an inn so you can spend a night away from home to rekindle the romance.

You can also take a Valentine’s Day cruise, with gourmet dining and dancing, while you and your significant other take in ocean views from one of the many rivers nearby.

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